Recent Projects

The following are a selection of some projects recently completed by Dunogan Farm Tech.

Egg-erton Free Range in the snow

Egg-erton Free Range Eggs

August 1, 2020

Egg-Erton Free Range at Mount Egerton, Victoria recently installed: MST Super Inline Egg Washer with Drying Fan Riva Selegg S21 Egg Grader with Candler and Egg Printer Take a look at it in action below from Egg-erton Free Range Eggs’ Facebook page. Egg-erton Free Range in the snow

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Riva Selegg S31 Egg Grader

Farmer Brown gets a New Egg Grader

February 2, 2019

Greg Palethrope of Farmer Brown’s Free Range Eggs runs free range layers (Hyline Isa Brown hens) at Hall, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Greg recently purchased a Riva Selegg S31 egg grader to increase efficiency of his operation. The Riva Selegg S31 egg grader grades eggs to seven grades, and comes with a candling…

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Chicken caravans and a disused bus are used for perching and laying.

Happiest chooks in Tasmania get new Egg Washer

September 30, 2018

The “happiest chooks in Tasmania” at Meander Pastured Free Range Eggs, are delighted to have a new egg washer with drying fan to clean their free range eggs. Operators Danny and Nan Tubb, of Mole Creek, Tasmania, recently purchased the egg washer, an MST Bambino Super Inline egg washer with a capacity of 700-1400 eggs…

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Ben and Lena Way with family

Award winning free range egg producer increases production capacity with new egg grader

November 15, 2017

Ben and wife Lena from Springfield Pastured Eggs with children Illiana and Ashton. Picture Norm Oorloff Victorian free range egg farmers, Lena and Ben Way, of Springfield Pastured Eggs, have recently installed a Riva Selegg S21 egg grader to increase efficiency at their award winning farm. Lena and Ben also decided to purchase from Dunogan Farm Tech…

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Riva Selegg Technician, Guido Cristofoli, with Eumundi Egg and Feather owner, John Hendry.

Sunshine Coast Egg Producer Installs New Egg Grader

October 14, 2017

John Hendry, of Eumundi Egg & Feather, recently installed a Riva Selegg S121 pack 100. This new egg grader enables John and his staff to pack graded eggs into 10,12 or 30 egg cartons or trays. Eumundi Egg & Feather supply eggs form Australorp  x Rhode Island Red hens, chosen for hardiness and foraging abilities, with a…

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Chirpy Chook Eggs in South Australia increases egg production capacity

September 27, 2017

Angela and Andrew Leaney of Chirpy Chook Eggs, Reeves Plains, South Australia, recently purchased a Riva Selegg S121 Pack 100 egg grader with capacity up to 12,000 eggs per hour. The S121 Pack 100 option allows the staff at Chirpy Chook Eggs to pack graded eggs into 10, 12 or 30 trays /cartons. L to…

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Victorian free range egg farmer installs new Riva Selegg egg grader

June 11, 2017

Danny and Kristy Kean of Golden Yolk Free Range Egg Farm, located at Huntly, Victoria, have recently purchased a Riva Selegg S91 egg grader. This unit has capacity to grade 9,000 eggs per hour. Kristy and Danny are very pleased with the new S91 and its ease of operation and maintenance. The S91 is equipped with…

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The Big Chook, Kemps Creek, Sydney

The Big Chook installs Riva Selegg Egg Grader

November 16, 2016

Teiler Pty Ltd (Trading as The Big Chook) at Kemps Creek, Sydney, recently installed a Riva Selegg S91 DX version egg grader. Proprietors Lucy and Richard Muscat upgraded their egg grading equipment with the new Riva Selegg S91 which has a capacity of 9,000 eggs per hour.   Teiler Pty Ltd has been operating for 40 years and has 20,000…

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Riverina egg producers, the Wooden family, with their new egg grader

Egg grader with ink printer for NSW egg producers

November 3, 2016

Bec and Ayden Wooden, Old Junee, NSW  recently installed a new Riva Selegg S21 egg grader complete with ink egg printer. Ayden Wooden says “the new S21 egg grader with capacity 2,220 eggs per hour saves us hours of work compared to the old now discarded egg grader. The photo shows my father, Garrie and my wife Bec…

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Rohde Farms installs the new model Riva Selegg S151 egg grader

October 6, 2016

(This article was originally published in Poultry Digest December/January 2015). Rohde Farms at Tarlee in South Australia has installed the new Riva Selegg S151 model with auto vacuum and semi-auto egg packers. The Riva Selegg S151, with capacity of 15,000 eggs per hour, was supplied with semi-auto egg packing lanes, which enables operators to pack…

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