Other Poultry Equipment

Dunogan Farm Tech can also supply:

Egg Belts

  • Juty belt
  • Polypropylene belt
  • Polyester belt
  • range 50mm to 500mm wide belts available

Manure Belts

  • Polypropylene belt (1mm thick)
  • Heavy duty
  • Available from 1065mm to 1500mm wide

Plastic Slats

For barn lay or free range auto nest systems from Potters Poultry UK.

  • Our plastic slat is probably the strongest and most stable available. Feel safe and steady when walking on them.
  • Very simple galvanised steel and plastic structure beneath the slats for support.
  • Legs are fully adjustable and can cope with variable floor levels.
  • At the edge of the slats can be vertical litter boards or a continuous sloping ramp.